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Washington Redskins All-Time Top 10

Top 10 players/coach of the Washington Redskins


In Washington theirs is a pride matched by none other, the fans are wild and crazy and they have a passion for their football team. Though Washington, as of late, has struggled the fans are still loyal and the team plays hard in every game. With a new coach and a new attitude things could be looking up in the Redskins camp. In this article we will look at Redskins past and present to name our top ten All-Time Redskins.


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10. Joe Gibbs- Head Coach

I know on this list we are talking about players but for years Joe Gibbs was the master mind behind that incredible Washington offense. Gibbs was and still is an amazing motivator and players love to play for him, for that reason I believe he deserved to be on this list.



9. Sean Taylor-Safety

Sean Taylor was well on his way to becoming the mainstay in that Washington defense, but sadly his life was taken from him at a young age. Taylor was a powerful safety with size and strength, really unmatched by any other safety in the league.


8. Joe Jacoby- OL

Jacoby a massive offensive lineman, that was a member of the “Hogs” he quite possibly could be Washington’s best offensive lineman ever to play. Jacoby played for a long time and was the prototype offensive blocker.


7. Brian Mitchell-KR

Electrifying, Breath Taking, Explosive all words to describe Brian Mitchell as he returned kicks for the Redskins throughout his years in DC. Mitchell was able to flip the field for his offense on many occasions and he could turn a game in a matter of seconds.


6. Dexter Manley-DE

Manley was a monster of a man, offenses feared him with his power and his speed he could make any game a nightmare for coaches. His off the field battles tainted his image and I believe hurts his status as one of Washington’s all time greats. There is still no denying that he quite possibly could be Washington’s best defensive lineman.


5. Russ Grimm-OL

The anchor of that massive offensive line, they opened holes for any and every running back ever to play at Washington. The “Hogs” truly dominated defenses on a regular basis, but the staple of this O-Line was consistency and stability, a perfect description of Russ Grimm.


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4. Darrell Green-CB

The NFL’s fastest man at one time was a ball hawk on the field. Darrell Green was one of the best cornerbacks in the league, on and off the field. Many games each quarterback, before every play needed to know where #28 was on the field at all times.



3. Sammy Baugh-QB

The picture of an athlete, Baugh played offense not only as a quarterback but also as a kicker. In an age where the wide receiver position was just being introduced, Baugh passed and ran with the best of them, actually better than them.


2. John Riggins-RB

A powerful running back that could run away from you but really liked to run over you, Riggins played with passion and heart every time he stepped onto the field. Washington’s number one running back of all time, with that offensive line he was the perfect back for Washington’s system.


1. Art Monk-WR

With the grace of a gazelle and the speed of cheetah, Art Monk revolutionized the Wide Receiver position in Washington. Monk was the greatest receiver of all time in Washington, he did everything and he did it with excellence. A perfect mentor to the younger receivers, he was the consummate professional on and off the field, a true Hall of Famer.


Washington has a storied past and it looks like a bright future but in order for them to see glories of the past, they must get focused and look at the one common goal. Hiring a new head coach, Mike Shanahan will be a key to their success when the players buy in to his system. Look for Washington to make big strides in the upcoming years.




By Sam Adams
Pro Football Fans Washington Redskins Correspondent