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2008 NFL Mock Draft

Everybody in the world is doing a mock draft, so I thought I would jump in and try it. Here is what I think will happen.


1. Miami - Jake Long T Michigan Has trouble with speed rush and will end up as an overpaid right tackle. Should have taken Dorsey but Long is signed.

2. St. Louis – Vernon Gholston DE Ohio State—Rams got 5 sacks from DE's all year. Gholston will fix that. Somebody in New England just broke his clipboard.

3. Atlanta – Matt Ryan QB Boston College because they don't have anyone on their roster that can hit water throwing out of a boat. He is their only choice.

4. Oakland – Chris Long DE Virginia – They love the bloodline. Great choice. Given the draft of Bush RB last year, they will pass on McFadden.

5. Kansas City – Glenn Dorsey DT LSU—Chiefs need lots of help in lots of positions. They would have traded out but Dorsey is too good a value to skip.

6. New York Jets –Darren McFadden RB Arkansas. After 9 minutes of sipping champaign, the Jets take what many feel is the best player in the draft. He is not as good as Peterson. He falls over at first contact like a leaf in the wind.

7. New England – Mike Jenkins CB South Florida—A bit of a reach and not my favorite CB.

8. Baltimore – Leotis McKelvin CB Troy St. Ravs need DB help and McK steps in to play the nickel back for now.

9. Cincinnati – Sedrick Ellis DT USC Bengals are delighted by getting Ellis. Good choice but OL would have been better. Better increase Palmer's health insurance.

10. New Orleans – Keith Rivers OB USC—They need LB help and get the best pure LB here. They may try to trade up to get a DT.

11. Buffalo – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB Tennessee St—Talented with a good blood line.

12. Denver – Chris Williams T Vanderbilt fits a need but they wish they could have traded down.

13. Carolina – Ryan Clady OT Bosie St.—They get a true left tackle that is a good value here.

14. Chicago – Jeff Otah T Pittsburg—Otah is not as athletic as Williams but a good run blocker.

15. Detroit – Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois—Detroit cut Jones and need a real horse. Get the saddle ready.

16. Arizona - Aqib Talib CB Kansas—Has great technique and ball skills. Good pick.

17. Kansas City - Derick Harvey DE Florida—He will start at DE in 08 in place of Allen who was traded.

18. Houston - Phillip Merling DE Clemson—Somewhat inconsistent but has potential.

19. Philadelphia - Limas Sweed WR Texas—Eagles could use anyone that can catch a pass

20. Tampa Bay - Early Doucet WR LSU—Was hurt in 07 but was a star in 06.


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21. Washington – Malcom Kelly WR Oklahoma—Says he is fast but his times don't show it.

22. Dallas - Jonathan Stewart RB Oregon—Anything that big that moves that fast should have the words “US AIRFORCE” on the side. This is a stud if healthy but has had injury problems.

23. Pittsburgh - Brandon Albert T/G Virginia—They hope the best guard will become an acceptable tackle. I'm not sure. But they could use a guard too.

24. Tennessee - James Hardy WR Indiana—Big possession receiver. Won't scare D deep but could be the most consistent receiver in the draft.

25. Seattle – Dustin Keller TE Purdue—Good speed and hands but a tight end in name only. Won't block if his life depends on it.

26. Jacksonville - Kentwan Balmer DT North Carolina—Cover boy on Kiper report that I am not as high on as some. He tends to disappear at times but at 25 has good potential.

27. San Diego - Felix Jones RB Arkansas—Best job in the NFL—backing up Thomlinson. Chargers would prefer a right tackle that can run block.

28. Dallas - Devin Thomas WR Michigan St—One year wonder with great combine numbers. This choice would have been DB if they had not signed Jones. They will get a DB in the second round. Need a young WR. Glenn and Owens are old.

29. San Francisco - Lawrence Jackson DE USC—Overshadowed by Ellis, Jackson is the real deal.

30. Green Bay - Fred Davis TE USC—Good “suspect” that has not proven ability. A reach for need because they don't have many.

New England Selection Forfeited—More to come on Spy-Gate.

31. NY Giants - Kenny Phillips FS Miami—Bad year for safeties but they need one so...


First round talent that will fall to round 2:

Antoine Cason CB Arizona — Could be best CB in the draft but a little short and a little slow but has ball skills and football IQ.

Quentin Groves OB/DE Auburn — He played DE at Auburn and it is unknown if he can cover.

Gosder Cherilus OT Boston College — Protected Matt Ryan's blind side. Solid pass blocker that will struggle a little on drive blocking for the run.

Andre Caldwell WR Florida — My favorite receiver. Potential stud.

Duane Brown OT Virginia Tech — My favorite tackle right or left.

Brandon Flowers CB Virginia Tech — Great for Tampa 2 defense not a man to man corner.

Reggie Smith CB Oklahoma — May play safety. Most consistent safety in the draft.


If you keep this in front of you during the draft and grade my accuracy, you are as much of a draftnic as I am. Hope you enjoy the draft. I will be doing a report card after the draft for each team.



By Bill Smith
Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for BrutusReport.com and has published several novels on http://ebooks-library.com/index.cfm


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